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New Air Conditioning Technology You Can Enjoy When You Replace Your AC

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If you have an older air conditioning system, and you've been thinking about having it replaced, then you'll want to learn about some advantages of doing so. The newer technology can give you an air conditioning system with many features your current system lacks, which you may appreciate. This article will go over some features and characteristics the newer air conditioning systems can offer. 

Features Newer AC Systems Can Offer

Newer technology offers features designed into the air conditioning system to help with comfort, convenience, and cost. 

Smart Thermostat: Newer models can have smart thermostats. These allow you to control the temperature of your home from your smart device or computer. This makes it easy to save energy while you're not home. The temperature can be adjusted shortly before you arrive, so you'll walk into a comfortable home without the system running continuously throughout the day.  

Zone Control: Zone control is a feature that allows you to cool specific parts of your home independently of others. This helps reduce your energy bills since you won't be cooling areas of the home no one is using. Also, it makes the home more comfortable for everyone, regardless of their temperature preferences. 

UV Lights: UV lights can be installed in the air conditioning system ductwork, near the air handler. As air passes through the system, the UV lights will kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. This can help improve air quality; reducing the spread of illnesses and reducing allergy flair-ups. 

High-Efficiency Filters: High-efficiency filters trap more dust and airborne particles than traditional filters. This helps with the air quality, as well as prevents as much dust from making its way through the system, which puts less stress on it. 

Examples of Special Cooling Systems

New technology in the air conditioning industry allows for cooling system options that better accommodate many households, including those with specific needs. 

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps allow the air conditioning system to heat the home as well. These systems are energy-efficient, continuing to save you money during the winter months. 

Geothermal Cooling: Geothermal cooling uses the temperature of the earth to cool your house. This system is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Now that you know more about the newer technologies air conditioning systems can come with, you may better understand why replacing your old air conditioner can be beneficial to your home, as well as your finances.

Reach out to an AC replacement contractor to learn more.