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Your AC Condenser Has Stopped Working—What Could Be The Cause?

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In a central air conditioning unit, the condenser is part of the unit that sits outside your home. Ultimately, when the system is functioning, your family should enjoy cool temperatures in the hot summers because the system collects heat from the house and releases it outside through the coils. However, condenser failure can lead to complex issues with the entire AC system. Here are some of the top causes of problems and how to resolve them.  

Air Not Moving Freely Through the Unit

A blockage in the airflow is the first issue that affects the AC condenser. This is because the part needs to draw cool air from the surroundings to help bring the refrigerant back to its liquid state. Hence, if the unit gets blocked by debris or a shrub in the outdoor space, it doesn't absorb the cool air efficiently. As a result, it might overheat and break down. Given this, you should constantly check the path of the condenser and ensure it is clear. You should also clean the components to ensure nothing prevents cool air from getting to the part of the system. 

Odd Hissing Sounds

A leak in the refrigerant affects every part of the air conditioning system. More so, if you do not have enough refrigerant in your coils, your unit will not facilitate the heating and cooling cycles. Hence, your system will overwork to meet the demand and eventually break down. Signs of a refrigerant leak include bubbling sounds from the evaporator and the characteristic sweet smell of chloroform in the home. If this is the case, you should contact an AC repair technician immediately. More importantly, note that this is not a problem you can solve without professional help. The good news is that once the leak gets sealed, your unit should restore proper heating and cooling cycles. 

Fins Are Broken

Broken and bent air conditioner fins are another source of AC condenser failure. This is because the fins are designed to transfer heat from the refrigerated air to the environment. So, when they snap or bend, their efficiency in transferring heat drops drastically. You should know that this can lead to the unit overheating and compromise the system's efficiency. On the other hand, an AC repair technician will know how to use a comb to straighten the bent fins and restore their function.

These are common issues that affect the AC condenser and its function. If this is the case with your unit, speak to an AC repair contractor and schedule a condenser repair. They will help you restore your unit to order within a short time.

Contact a local AC repair service to learn more.