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Is There A Blockage In Your AC's Duct System? Find Out

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Air ducts are necessary for supplying cool air to your home. However, constant pressure fluctuation from your AC unit leads to crumpled ducts that result in airflow blockages in the system. Moreover, ducts can collapse during a house renovation, causing a blockage. If you suspect a blockage in the ductwork, seek HVAC services for duct testing.

Below are the early warning signs of duct blockage.

Differences in Temperatures   

If you realize room-to-room temperature variation in your home, there could be a blockage in your duct system. Dust and debris may have collected in the ducts over time due to clogged air filters, leaky ductwork, and loose connections, impeding airflow. You should contact an AC repair specialist as soon as you detect unevenness in the indoor temperatures. They will clear the ducts of debris build-up, seal leaks, and fasten the connections to ensure adequate air supply throughout your home.

Unusual Noises From the Ducts

Normally, you'll hear popping noises from your AC due to temperature differences in the ducts. That occurs when the ducts expand and contract. However, if these noises escalate into loud and unusual noises, they could indicate severe ductwork damage. For instance, rattling or clanking noises signals a loose or disconnected metal duct, while flapping noises arise when air pushes the clog further into the ducts. So if you hear unusual noises from the system, schedule an appointment with your HVAC technician. They will assess the ducts for malfunction and fix them to eliminate the noise.

Poor Airflow to the Rooms

If less air is coming from the vents and at a slower rate, there might be a blockage in your ducts. Mold can thrive in the ducts due to moisture from dehumidification, restricting airflow. Furthermore, if a foreign object gets dislodged in the ducts, it can block airflow resulting in reduced air from the vents. Hiring an AC professional is crucial to ensure they clear your unit of mold and other obstructions restricting the free flow of air.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Energy Bills

A defective duct system can blame for a sudden increase in your electricity expenses. This is because your unit will work harder to compensate for the duct blockage, resulting in more energy usage. To address this problem, call your HVAC repair expert to examine the unit and clear any obstructions.

A blockage in your AC duct system will result in poor air circulation and low air quality. Therefore, you should contact an HVAC contractor to examine your ducts, clean them and remove clogs to ensure proper air distribution throughout your home.