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Heating Services: 3 Common Heating Repair Malfunctions Your Technician Can Troubleshoot

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Aside from scheduling routine AC maintenance checks, you should also keep an eye out for erratic unit operation and contact heating repair services for immediate equipment restoration. This way, you never have to wake up to a dilapidating unit breakdown that will cost you an arm and a leg in heating repair expenses.

Addressing heating malfunctions as soon as they occur ensures the repair issues don't get out of hand. To know what you should keep an eye out for, it's crucial to find out common heating repair malfunctions. This way, when you contact your technician, you know how to explain your observations. So read on to find out the three common malfunctions your technician can troubleshoot.

Long Cycling

In some cases, long cycling is normal; certain energy-efficient pieces of cooling equipment have been designed to run at full capacity throughout the day. However, if long cycling is out of character for your unit, you should contact your technician with your observations if this happens.

The AC repair professional will find out why your equipment isn't turning off periodically, as is the norm. Addressing the root of the problem protects your equipment from a strained operation, which causes significant wear and tear. Troubleshooting the unit also ensures you don't end up with high utility bills at the end of the month.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your air conditioner comes with a refrigerant that facilitates cooling. The refrigerant levels need to be sufficient for the equipment to register optimum operation. This fluid remains contained within the equipment's components unless there's a leak. So if you notice dripping under your AC outside cabinet, there's a high possibility that the refrigerant might be leaking.

To be sure this is the case, ask your AC repair technician to come and check out the unit. The professional will inspect the evaporator, compressor, and condenser to determine if the refrigerant is leaking. Based on their findings, they'll dissolve your concerns or seal the opening that's leaking out the refrigerant before topping off the fluid.

No Cool Air Flowing

Yet another common heating repair malfunction your technician can troubleshoot is no cool air flowing throughout your home. This is a huge cause for alarm because your AC's primary role is to cool your indoor spaces. If your AC keeps running but your indoor spaces remain hot and humid, immediately contact your technician with your observations.

A plausible explanation for this erratic behavior is a worn-out blower belt that is no longer playing its part in propelling cool air into your indoor spaces. Whether this is the root of the problem or there are other issues in play, your technician will arrive at an accurate diagnosis and restore your air conditioner to proper function.

If any of the heating repair malfunctions discussed above ring a bell, don't hesitate to contact a heating services contractor to come and troubleshoot your equipment.  

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