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3 Tips To Prevent Mold In Air Conditioners

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Your air conditioner provides the ideal conditions for mold to thrive. Parts of the AC have things like dust, moisture, and darkness—all of which encourage mold growth. A moldy AC pushes mold spores into your home, which adversely affects people with allergic reactions and respiratory issues. 

Here are steps you can take to prevent mold growth in your AC unit.

Reduce Humidity Levels

Ideally, a humidity range of 30-50% is sufficient to curb mold growth. You should strive to keep humidity levels relatively low to prevent mold growth in your AC and the rest of your home. Some causes of high humidity levels are washing machines, showers, and baths, where moisture is plentiful.

One way to keep the excessive humidity in check is to switch on your AC. Although your AC unit can dehumidify indoor air, a stand-alone dehumidifier offers a better regulation of humidity levels. So, if you still have high humidity levels even after you run your AC, invest in a dehumidifier for better moisture control. 

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

The air filter traps airborne pollutants and other debris to prevent them from being pushed into your home's indoor atmosphere. Unfortunately, dust can accumulate over time and clog the air filter. A clogged air filter coupled with moisture from a leak creates a perfect environment for mold growth. 

To prevent mold in your AC, you should ensure frequent air filter replacements. In fact, you should change the air filter more often if you have pets, smokers, or people who suffer from allergies in your house to ensure uncompromised air quality. Also, consider an upgrade to pleated air filters since they offer better performance than the stock fiberglass filters. 

Install an Ultraviolet Light Fixture

Ultraviolet lights use a frequency that effectively eliminates mold and microbes. Ensure that you install the UV light in such a way that it shines on the blower fan, housing, and evaporator coil. These areas are highly prone to mold attacks. 

Remember to clean your AC to get rid of any black mold before you install the UV light. You can then install the light to remove the existing mold and neutralize all active mold spores to ensure they never regrow. 

Mold growth in your AC or components comprises your health and comfort. If you suspect mold growth in your system, reach out to an air conditioning service that can remove the mold and fix any issues that might trigger mold growth.