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How The Control Board Can Be Replaced When Your Air Conditioner Blower Malfunctions

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If your house is warm and stuffy when your AC is turned on, check the vents to see if air is coming out and if the air is chilly. Some air conditioner problems keep air from blowing out at all, and this narrows down the problem since other malfunctions cause air to blow but be warm.

One problem that can occur is when the control board goes bad so no power can get to the blower fan. Here's a look at how an air conditioning repair technician might handle this problem.

Rule Out Other Causes

Your repair technician may start by looking at the blower, motor, and capacitor since these are common causes for an air conditioner that doesn't blow air. These parts can be examined visually and tested with a multimeter.

If a capacitor or motor is bad, the technician will replace it. If the blower is having issues, the technician may need to pull it out of the air handler to clean it and tighten the screws when it's put back in. If none of these parts are to blame for the AC problem, the air conditioning repair technician may check the control board next.

Test And Replace The Control Board

The repair technician can also test the control board with a multimeter to see if it's bad. If so, the control board has to be replaced. The board is usually easy to access once the panel on the air handler is removed. It's easy to see since there are many wires that connect to it.

Putting the wires in the right places on the new control board can be tricky for people doing DIY repairs. It helps to take a photo of where the wires connect, or you can simply pull a wire off of the old board and immediately put it on the new board in the same place. Fortunately, an air conditioning repair technician has the experience to recognize the different wires and know where they go without worry of making a mistake.

Replacing a bad control board in the air handler is easy since the board is screwed to the side of a mounting plate. The screws are removed and then the board can be slid out once all the wires are detached. The new board is then put in place and screwed to the mounting plate. After that, all the wires are attached in the proper place and your AC blower fan should start right up and get your house cooled back down.

Contact your local HVAC repair technician for more information on air conditioning repair