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Problems That Can Cause the Need for Residential Boiler Repair

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Boilers for residential heating typically are very reliable, especially if the equipment is maintained as recommended. In general, repair service is needed much less frequently than for forced-air furnaces. Nevertheless, like other heating systems, a boiler may eventually require repair work. A pump, valve, or other components could malfunction. Boiler repairs by local technicians can resolve issues that develop and returns the equipment to proper working order.

About Boiler Systems

Most boilers are fueled with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, known as propane. The equipment also is manufactured to run on heating oil or wood. The boiler heats water and a pump sends this hot water into pipes, tubes, or radiators throughout the home. When the water starts to cool, it travels back to the boiler for reheating.

Pilot Light Issues

An example of a potential problem with a boiler is the pilot light not working. The most common cause is a malfunctioning thermocouple or a thermocouple that has not been cleaned in several years.

Unusual Noises

Limescale: If the equipment becomes noisy, the problem could be limescale that has accumulated inside. When in contact with surfaces over time, water containing a significant amount of dissolved calcium leaves hard chalky deposits there. This can be seen on sink and bathtub rims, but it's invisible inside a boiler and tubes or pipes. A heating technician can effectively remove the scaly substance. Homes with a boiler system and hard water benefit from water softener installation.

Low Pressure: Another reason for the noise is a reduction in pressure. That can cause overheating, leading to symptoms of rumbling or gurgling sounds. Homeowners can check the pressure on the gauge to see if it has dropped too low. Since the systems usually are quiet as compared with gas-fueled furnaces, those noises are very noticeable. A heating repair contractor diagnoses the issue and fixes the problem causing low pressure.  

Zoned Systems 

Zoned systems that allow varying levels of heat for each room can be more prone to breakdowns because they contain additional components. Extra pumps are needed, and valves regulate the temperature in different parts of the building. Many homeowners prefer this system so they can keep some areas warm while not wasting money heating the rest of the home. An example would be a person working in a home office during the day and not needing the same level of warmth in other rooms. Also, some individuals prefer different temperatures for sleeping.

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