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Turning A Portion Of Your Bedroom Into A Bathroom Could Make Life Easier On Your Growing Family

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If the bathroom in your house is always occupied or crowded, it may be time to have another bathroom added. If your master bedroom is large enough, you might be able to use part of the room for a small bathroom. Putting the bathroom in the master bedroom could also add to the value of your home. Here are some things to consider.

The Type Of Features You'll Add

If you're taking space from your bedroom rather than adding on extra space, you'll probably want a small bathroom. You may want a double sink for a master bath, but a single pedestal sink would take up much less room.

If you prefer showers over baths, then a walk-in shower would be perfect since it takes up little space. However, if you love to take long soaks, then a tub is essential. Know exactly what you want before you bring in a plumber for an estimate so you'll get an accurate quote for the installation.

Where The Bathroom And Pieces Will Be Positioned

You'll want to consider what's on the back of the walls of your bedroom. While placing the bathroom on an exterior wall might be good for your floor plan, it may cost a lot more if there are no plumbing pipes behind the wall to connect to the sink, tub, and toilet. If a side of your bedroom is next to another bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, there may be plumbing behind the walls ready for your new bathroom.

You may not know where the plumbing pipes in your home are located. In that case, let a plumber find them for you and then help you figure out where to place the pieces in the bathroom for the lowest installation cost. However, if keeping costs low isn't a top priority, your plumber can probably hook up a new bathroom any place you want it.

If You'll Need A New Water Heater

When you have your new bathroom installed, consider adding a tankless water heater so you can control the water independently of the rest of your home. There are advantages to having a tankless water heater, especially if an additional tub will affect how the rest of your family can use their hot water.

Since these water heaters are small, your plumber might be able to mount one under the sink or in a closet. Then you'll have hot water when you want it and not have to worry about it running out.

Having a bathroom in your bedroom gives you space for long relaxing baths without kids pounding on the door to want in. Your own bath makes it easier to get ready for work in the mornings and gives your kids more time to use the main bathroom. An additional bathroom could make your morning routines go more smoothly in addition to providing you with your own private space.

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