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Care Tips For Your Air Conditioner

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That bulky piece of equipment right outside of your house is an important appliance that helps keep you and your family cool all summer long, but you probably never give it a second glance. This appliance is your condensing unit that provides your home with cool central air conditioning. If you don't take care of this system, you are shortening the life of the unit and could end up needing a replacement (or some sort of costly repair) before long. Read on for care tips for your air conditioning system to give your unit a longer lifespan.

Clean The Condensing Unit

If you mow your grass into the exterior condensing unit or allow grass and other weeds to grow into the system, you are damaging the system and causing it to work harder to cool your home. Mow away from the unit so grass clippings and other debris are not blown into the fins of the unit, blocking airflow to the system. If you have grass and tall weeds, or other plants growing too close to the unit, you need to keep these trimmed back. To remove any debris stuck to the fins of the unit such as dirt, dust, and pollen or other flying debris, use a garden hose to clean the unit. Spray the unit gently so you do not bend any of the fins. Be sure to keep the area surrounding the unit clean and free of landscaping and other belongings that could block the flow of air to the unit.

Change The Air Filter In The System

Along with the condensing unit itself, if the air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it could also block the flow of air to the system. Change the air filter with a new one every other month. Swap the old one out with a brand-new one that is the same size as the old one you had. You can purchase new filters at any big box store or from your local hardware store.

Don't Over-Adjust The Temperature

You can change and adjust the temperature in your home, but don't change it dramatically throughout the day. You aren't going to save money changing the temperature this much, as you will only cause your air conditioner to work that much harder to get to the temperature you desire. Only give your thermostat a three-degree temperature difference, but no more than that. 

If you don't take care of your air conditioner, you are only setting it up for a shorter lifespan and you will be spending extra money in making repairs. Take good care of your air conditioner to lengthen the life of your system. Contact an AC services technician for help caring for and maintaining your system.