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First-Rate Features Your Thermostat Should Have

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The thermostat tells your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) when to heat or cool your house, as well as the desired extent of cooling or heating. Different thermostats come with different features. The more features your thermostat has, the more it will do. Here are some of the top features of the best thermostats.


The most basic difference between thermostats is that some are manual and others are electronic. Electronic thermostats give a digital reading of the temperature reading while manual thermostats don't give the same.

However, the difference goes deeper than the type of display. For example, digital thermostats are relatively more accurate (due to their temperature sensitivity) than manual thermostats.


For some thermostats, you have to input the desired settings every time you want to effect a change. If you want to raise the temperature by a few degrees, you have to go to the thermostat and key in your desired temperature.

That is not the case with programmable thermostats, where you set (program) your settings for a designated period and the thermostat effects the changes whenever the changes are due. You can have a different temperature setting for different times of the day and different days of the week.

Internet Enabled

If programming your thermostat is not enough for you, then get an internet-enabled (smart) one. The internet connection allows you to control your thermostat (and hence the HVAC system) irrespective of your location. You can switch your HVAC system on and off while at work and control the temperature while vacationing. All you need is access to the internet, say, from a phone or tablet.


Some thermostats take it a step further and learn your heating and cooling habits. These thermostats note when you switch off your HVAC, lower the temperature, or raise the temperature. They know which days you are not at home and when you are about to get home so the heating or cooling can start. Once the thermostat has mastered your habits, you can give it free reigns over your house's cooling and heating (but you can always override the automatic settings).

As you can see, thermostats come with various features that allow convenient heating and cooling. Note that you don't have to replace your whole HVAC system to enjoy the convenience of a new thermostat; you can just replace the thermostat alone. Talk to a heating and air conditioning technician for the best features you can get in a thermostat today since they change all the time.