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Why New ACs Are Not That Expensive

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If you are planning for a new AC (air conditioner) installation and you have been requesting for quotes, you may be wondering why new ACs seem that expensive. Whereas the cost of a new AC isn't exactly pocket change, there are some things that will make it inexpensive in the long run. For example, new ACs are actually inexpensive because of the following. 

They Are Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the economic benefits of installing a new AC. In general, you will spend less money on cooling your home once you replace your old or malfunctioning AC with a new one. The energy efficiency comes in two main ways; first, AC efficiency is always improving, so a new model today is likely to be more efficient than a several-year-old model. Secondly, most new ACs are also controllable remotely and may also be programmable, which also enhances energy efficiency.

They Don't Break Down Frequently

The older your AC is, the more it is likely to experience constant breakdowns. This is understandable since an old AC has probably experienced considerable wear and tear over the years. The repair costs can add up to considerable money over the years; it is just that you might not realize it because you will not spend the money all at once. You won't have to spend all that repair money once your new AC is installed. 

You May Be Able To Snag Some Incentives

It may also be possible to enjoy some rebates and incentives with your new AC installation. This is particularly true if you opt for high-efficiency units because government agencies and energy companies love to incentivize people to be more efficient. The incentives may be available in the form of tax credits, tax deductions, and direct rebates, among other forms.

They Have Health Benefits

Since a new AC is likely to be more efficient than an old one, it also follows that it's also likely to make your air cleaner than an old AC. Improved indoor air quality has numerous health benefits including:

  • A decrease in allergy attacks if you are allergic to indoor air components
  • A decrease in the risk of respiratory ailments

You May Recoup Some of the Money When You Sell The House

Lastly, you may also be able to recoup some of the money used in buying the AC if you decide to sell the house. If you are selling a home with an aging and malfunctioning AC, potential buyers can use the condition of the air conditioning to negotiate a reduced purchase price. However, you don't have to worry about that if the AC is relatively new and efficient.