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HVAC Pipe Fabrication: 3 Elements To Look For

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Installing a commercial HVAC system can be a complex and challenging process. Many commercial systems have a unique design that makes it impossible to use standardized pipes and fittings. These systems require the services of an experienced pipe fabricator to help construct the pipe conduits needed to transport various substances successfully.

Knowing what to look for when investing in pipe fabrication services will help you get the best quality pipes for your commercial HVAC projects in the future.

1. The ability to use a variety of welding processes.

Welding two pieces of pipe together is one of the most basic fabrication processes available. Although welding is a fabrication staple, not all fabricators are capable of utilizing several different welding processes to meet your specific needs.

Different types of metals require different welding processes in order to form an airtight and durable seam. Your fabricator should be capable of completing both automatic and semi-automatic welding processes using a shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, or flux core arc.

2. The ability to work with a variety of metals.

The design of your commercial HVAC system will influence the type of pipes that are used during installation. Pipes can be made from a variety of different metals. Each of these metals has unique characteristics that help them perform under certain conditions.

An experienced pipe fabricator should be able to work with a variety of metals in order to construct the pipe network needed for your commercial HVAC installation. Be sure your fabricator can work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, and titanium with ease.

3. The ability to perform a variety of finish processes.

Once sections of pipe have been welded together, they may require additional finishing processes before installation occurs. A quality fabricator will be able to complete these finishing processes prior to delivery of your HVAC pipe.

Some of the finishing processes that you should ask about before partnering with a pipe fabricator include heat treating, sandblasting, painting, galvanizing, and passivating. It can also be helpful to work with a pipe fabricator willing to conduct performance tests to ensure your commercial HVAC pipes meet minimum building standards.

Pipe fabrication services play a vital role in the commercial HVAC industry. Source your specialty pipes from an experienced fabricator capable of welding unique metals, working with a variety of metals, and completing finishing processes in-shop. This will allow you to rest assured knowing your HVAC pipes are built to last. For more information, contact a company like Ragan Mechanical Inc.