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The 3 Biggest HVAC Energy Consumers

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If you are sick of dealing with utility bills that seems to constantly be getting bigger and bigger every year, now is the time to maintain your HVAC system. The efficiency of your HVAC obviously depends on a number of large, energy consuming appliances and devices. This article explains which appliances in your HVAC system use the most electricity, and how it might be possible to improve them.

The Compressor

The compressor, which is inside the heat pump, is probably the biggest energy consumer when it comes to using your air conditioning. The compressor's job is to create the cold air. This air is eventually distributed into the home through the heat pump fan. The compressor is definitely something you shouldn't mess with yourself. That being said, if you do your part to maintain the rest of the heat pump, like cleaning the fan and the condenser coils, your condenser could work better.

The compressor is one of the most often we often repaired and replaced components in the entire HVAC system. Professionals can do the work very easily, and the labor cost will be minimal.

Refrigerant Lines

Another comment HVAC problem that has a major effect on the systems efficiency are the refrigerant lines. Refrigerant enables the system to create both hot and cold air. So, if your refrigerant is not properly leveled off, and your lines are damaged in anyway, it will be much harder to achieve the desired temperature. It is helpful if you have your refrigerant lines checked every couple of years. In most cases, HVAC technicians will just determine that everything is fine, if they do suggest topping off your refrigerant or recharging it, it won't be particularly expensive or difficult.

The Air Handler

The air handler, which is connected to the furnace, is one of the biggest physical appliances in central HVAC system. The actual blower fan is also quite large and has a big motor, which can use a lot of electricity. On top of this, the blower is part of both air conditioning and heating, so get a lot of usage. This ultimately means that it could also where down and become less efficient over the years. Basically, there handler, and particularly the blower, requires more TLC than most other components in HVAC system because it gets used more often.

If you do your part and make sure that these three components are regularly serviced, you should be able to be more confident that they are running as efficient as possible. For more help, contact a company like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning.