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The Benefits Of Having Your Home's HVAC System Brought Up To Building Code

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Your home's furnace, air conditioner, and ducts need to not only be maintained regularly, but they also need to stay up to the latest building code recommendations to function efficiently. You will improve not only your health but also your home's overall value as well. Here are four reasons why you should overhaul an older residential HVAC system when you can afford the repairs.

1. Remove Dust and Mold

Dust and mold can coat the inside of duct work and cling to components. Every time the air passes by coated duct work, it carries along some of these particles to spread into the rest of the home. Depending on what's growing in your ducts, this can damage your health and make a mess of your home. Having your HVAC brought up to code involves a thorough cleaning of your existing ducts. It also involves solving problems that contribute to dirty and moldy ducts, such as preventing moisture from getting in, and sealing air leaks.

2. Replace Outdated Parts

As systems improve and technology creates healthier ways for you to heat and cool your home, some components become outdated in a matter of just a few years. Bringing an entire system to code will require removing all of the outdated parts and replacing them with better equipment. Not only will the entire heating and cooling system run better, it also remains easier to repair in the future thanks to increased availability of the newer parts.

3. Prepare for Sale

Most states allow you to have outdated systems running in your home while you're living there. Yet once you want to put your home up for sale on the open market, many of them require you to update your entire property to match the latest building code. You don't want to be caught off guard when you sell your next home and can't pass inspections and close a deal due to outdated HVAC designs.

4. Find and Fix Duct Leaks

Among other things, the latest international building codes require your HVAC system to be free of leaks to work properly. Checking for air leaks and sealing them also greatly lessens the chance for small animals and insects to enter your duct work again. Moisture also stays out, resulting in cleaner and mold-free ducts. When the system is free of leaks, it will function more efficiently and save you money on your energy bills.

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