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Should You Buy An HVAC Service Contract?

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One of your responsibilities as a homeowner is to ensure your HVAC unit is regularly serviced. Unfortunately, some homeowners often overlook the care of their units until there is a problem. An HVAC service contract can help ensure your unit is receiving the care it needs. If you are considering a service contract, here is what you need to know.  

Is a Service Contract Beneficial? 

An HVAC service contract has several benefits, including that it could help you save money on the upkeep of your unit. Instead of paying for individual visits from the HVAC technician, the contract would offer a number of service visits for a lower price.  

In addition to helping you save on maintenance calls, the regular checkups could help you avoid costly maintenance. During the inspection of your unit, the HVAC technician will look for a variety of issues, including refrigerant leaks. Instead of the problems growing worse while undetected, the technician will discover them in their earliest stages and take action to prevent future problems.  

Your HVAC unit's warranty could be voided if you do not take the steps necessary to properly maintain the unit. A service contract would take the responsibility of remembering the checks out of your hands and place it with the technician. When it is time for your inspection, the technician will contact you to schedule it.  

What Should You Look for in a Contract? 

Before signing a contract, take a look at your HVAC unit's warranty. You need to know what type of maintenance is required to protect the warranty. Once you know, you can evaluate the contracts you are considering to determine which ones meet your needs.  

There are various types of contracts that offer different services. For instance, some contracts cover the cost of labor, but not the parts when it comes to unplanned repairs. Whether or not this works for your unit depends on several factors, including if you still have a warranty in place that would cover the parts. If not, opting for a contract that would cover some or all of the parts would likely be a better option.  

Consult with your HVAC technician to learn more about the service contracts that are available to you. The technician can help with assessing your needs and make a recommendation for the contract that would work best for your unit without voiding your warranty or other related agreements. To learn more, contact a company like Miller Services HVAC Inc.