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The Problems With Installing An Oversized Air Conditioner

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Getting a new air conditioner for your home is more challenging than it seems. Part of the process involves getting an air conditioner that is the correct size for your home and existing ductwork. You may think that getting a powerful air conditioner will create air that is colder or cool down your home faster, but that couldn't be further from the truth. An oversized air conditioner can actually cause the following problems.

Condensation and Mold Growth

Issues about condensation and mold growth will be the biggest problem you'll face with an oversized air conditioner. If too much air is going through the vents too quickly, the air is going to be unable to naturally flow through the ductwork. This can cause air to get trapped in the ductwork instead of exiting through the vents, which will cause condensation to form on the ductwork. This condensation can eventually cause mold growth, and it will happen in areas that are difficult to clean. Since ductwork is often hidden within your walls, you could have hidden mold that is impossible to clean without opening up the walls.

Excessive Cycling

HVAC systems become efficient when they run for long periods of time on a low setting. Excessive stress can be put onto an air conditioner when it is turned off and on quite often. This is similar to the stress that you would put on your car engine by turning the car on and off repeatedly. Excessive cycling of the air conditioner not only reduces energy efficiency, but can put unnecessary wear and tear on the compressor, which shortens its lifespan.

Decreased Comfort

Your home is going to feel less comfortable as your air conditioner continues to cycle on and off due to it being too powerful. Instead of having your home feel a constant temperature, you'll notice that your home reaches the desired temperature and then starts to drop quickly.

In addition, an oversized air conditioner is going to have more problems removing humidity in the air. The air needs to cycle through the system to remove humidity, and the excessive cycling is going to cause air cycling to happen less frequently. You may have a whole home dehumidifier, but it won't have the chance to do its job.

The solution to having an oversized air conditioner will be to replace it with a new one that is the right size. Contact a local HVAC contractor that can help fix this problem for you. For more information, contact companies like GNL Heating and Cooling.