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3 Plumbing Issues You Should Never Try To Fix Yourself

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You may consider yourself a Jack of all trades, but there are some instances where you should not attempt to save money by repairing home issues yourself. Your plumbing problems are included in this list. Here are 3 things you should never attempt to fix on your own when it comes to plumbing and why it's best to call a pro.

Slow drains

You may think that simply running hot water and some store clog dissolving liquid will rid yourself of your slow drain issues, but doing this route often just masks a larger plumbing issue. Many times a slow drain is not caused by a clog at all but by something more serious such as a tree root pinching lines, debris in your main line causing blockages, or even deteriorating pipes. Rather than guess that hair or food is causing your drains to be sluggish, call a plumber to inspect your lines with a lighted snake. This can save you time and money in future repairs if something small can be caught before a pipe bursts.

Water heater

A leaking water heater may have rust in its interior, which can lead to debris getting into your water lines or lack of water pressure. To prevent this, it's best to repair or replace your water heater. Don't do this yourself as you can accidentally hook lines up incorrectly or you may miss valve problems. Have a plumber inspect your water heater, drain it if needed, and make repairs so it can last much longer.

Condensation on pipes

You may notice condensation on your pipes, especially in your basement or crawl space. This condensation may be due to moisture in the air that causes your pipes to sweat, but often its connected to something more complicated. Poor pipe fittings, leaks or cracks in your water lines, and other issues may be to blame, and you cannot correct them by simply wrapping your wet pipes in insulation. Make note of where your pipes are sweating and call your plumber right away so they can diagnose where the moisture is coming from.

Your plumber may have emergency services as well if you have a pipe burst or if you are experiencing sewer issues. If you have access to your main water line, turn it off right away in the event of an emergency and vacate your home as soon as you can until your plumber can arrive.