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Staying Comfortable From The Bottom Up - Benefits Of Radiant Heat Flooring

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When you own a home, it can be tremendously exciting to modify it to your exact specifications. However, given the number of options available in almost every home system today, it's no wonder that many people can end up overwhelmed and then passing over options that may benefit them greatly.

One of these lesser known but still very effective options for your home is radiant heat flooring. The days of stepping on to a cold floor in the morning might be gone if you decide that a radiant heat flooring system is right for you, and some of the benefits listed below will hopefully be sufficient to nudge you in that direction.

Monthly Cost Savings

As most people are aware, heat rises. This is why outdated duct heating systems which blow near the ceiling can end up wasting the money and effort of a furnace, and it's also why even heating ducts which are properly located may not provide you with warmth and comfort near your feet.

By placing the heating element directly below your floor and heating through contact, your radiant heat flooring system will operate evenly and radiate upward in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. This will cut down on the wasted air that may be blowing through your home now, and reduced waste means reduced monthly electrical costs.

Noise and Allergen Reduction

Another major drawback to a ducted heating system is the noise that comes with its operation and the likelihood of the system blowing allergens throughout your home. Each of these can be irritating for different reasons, and they can make truly relaxing seem like an impossibility.

Rather than allowing yourself to struggle in a loud home where the air makes you sick, examine whether a radiant heat flooring system will meet your needs. It's virtually noiseless and, obviously, doesn't move air around. This can help guarantee you breathe easy and sleep soundly.


When it's cold enough to need your home's furnace, it can be incredibly frustrating to find it's not operational. Unfortunately, blower furnaces break down frequently enough that an entire industry exists around on demand repairs and fast response time. Even the quickest repairman may not arrive in time to prevent some discomfort, so a durable system like a radiant flooring heater may be the best choice. If the weather in your home can change in a hurry, it's important to rely on a technology that will always be there when called upon.

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