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Double Summer Drama: 3 Ways To Prevent Simultaneous AC And Pest Control Problems

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Everyone knows that an air conditioner is the best way to beat the summer heat, yet many homeowners are unaware that their cooling system also plays a role in keeping those summertime pests under control. Yet, the relationship between pests and your HVAC system goes both ways since keeping your home cool prevents issues that attract pests, and a pest invasion can destroy your unit's efficiency. This season, conquer both potential problems by implementing these strategies in your maintenance routine.

Have Your Duct Work Inspected

The ducts and vents connected to cooling systems are often overlooked since they tend to be out of sight and out of mind. However, they do break down over time, and it is common for connections to become unsealed. These small cracks allow the air to escape before it reaches your house, which means that you may notice that your unit is kicking on too often or certain rooms always say warm. Any place that allows air to escape also gives pests such as rodents and cockroaches an easy entry point. If you hear sounds in your duct work or notice pests crawling out of it, you need to have this area inspected right away.

Keep Moisture Under Control

Cooling systems generate condensation, and yours should have a clear path to drain outside. During your seasonal inspection, your technician will check for things such as clogged drip pans that can lead to leaks within your home. When these leaks occur near the wooden structures of your house, it provides the perfect haven for carpenter ants and termites. Making sure that your unit is running at peak efficiency will reduce moisture that attracts insects.

Keep Outdoor Units Free of Debris

During the winter months, leaves, sticks and other types of plant life tend to build up on outdoor units. Rodents love making nests in these materials, and you may even find that small pests make their way inside of your outdoor HVAC component. Special mesh materials can be placed around your condenser to prevent pests from getting inside, and it is not uncommon to discover that a nesting rodent is the cause of chewed through wires that require air conditioner repair. Inspect this area every time you care for your lawn, and give your unit a thorough cleaning before your seasonal start up to make sure there is not a current rodent problem.

Dealing with a double whammy right as the weather warms up is never good. Yet, keeping your air conditioner in top condition will let you enjoy a cool, relaxing and pest free summer season. For more information, contact companies like D & R Service Inc.