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Tips For Helping Your Air Conditioning Unit Blow Harder

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If you rely on the use of an air conditioner in your house or apartment, you likely want to make sure that it goes throughout your entire living space. There's nothing worse than having a few rooms in your home not be usable because they are too hot during the summer. One problem that could cause the cold air to not permeate fully through the house is if the air conditioner is not blowing hard enough. Here are some tips for making sure that your air conditioner is blowing hard enough for significant cold air dispersion to occur.

1. Check the Air Filter

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your air conditioning air filter is as clean as possible. This is helpful because it allows you to ensure that there are no foreign particles that might be blocking your air vents. If you see the air filter and it has spots on it or otherwise looks dirty, then either replace it if you have a disposable one or clean a reusable one. This will help open up the airways and help the air that the air conditioner is blowing circulate throughout the house more efficiently.

2. Listen for a Squeaking Noise

The next thing that you should do is listen for a squeaking noise whenever your air conditioner is running. This could be a sign that your air conditioner is suffering from a fa belt that has either come loose or worn out. This will cause the blower to not be able to propel air as efficiently as it might have done before the fan degraded. By fixing or replacing the belt, you should be able to get your air conditioning system blowing air with a greater amount of power again.

3. Look for Dirt on Your Blower Wheel

Finally look for dirt or other foreign matter on your air conditioner's blower wheel. This could cause the wheel to stick or to not turn as quickly because of increased surface area friction with other parts of the unit. By cleaning your blower wheel thoroughly using compressed air after turning off your air conditioning unit, you should be able to get your blower working again at full force.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in air conditioning installation and repair. They might have some other areas that they want to check, specifically with regards to your duct system.