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Which Type Of Air Conditioner Is Right For Your Home?

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On a hot day, you just want to escape into your cool, air-conditioned home, but to do that, you first need air conditioning. Luckily, there are many different types of air conditioning units to meet any needs and any budget. Check out these four common air conditioning systems to find out which is right for you.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners fit into your home's window. The front portion faces the inside of your home and expels cold air, while the back sits outside, expelling hot air. They are typically cheap to buy and run, and they don't require any additional wiring. Simply plug it into an outlet. Most models are designed for double-hung windows. You may be able to place some in side-sliding windows, but there will be a large gap between the top of the unit and the top of the window. You can block it with wood. This can create an inefficient fit that allows air to escape, which can really become a problem if your area sees cold winters and you leave the unit in all year round.

Who would benefit: Window air conditioners are a good idea if your region only sees a few hot days or you live in an apartment and if you have double-hung windows.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are much like window units, but they don't sit in the window. The system has a floor unit with wheels that can be moved from room to room. On the back of the system, there is a long tube that leads up to the window. Like window air conditioners, portable units are cheap to buy and run. They are easy to move, but the tube can be a hassle to re-install each time you move it, and the unit takes up a lot of floor space. They work great in side-sliding windows.

Who would benefit: Again, if your region sees few hot days or you live in an apartment, but you have side-sliding windows, a portable unit is an excellent idea.

Wall Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are like window units that sit in your wall instead of the window. They cannot be removed, but that means they have a tighter fit than window and portable units, which can help with energy efficiency. They are a more visually appealing option than window or portable air conditioners. Wall air conditioners are cheap to buy, but installation requires additional work and money. You'll have to cut a hole in your wall and purchase an exterior metal sleeve.

Who would benefit: Like window and portable units, wall air conditioners are good in areas with few hot days because they only cool one room, but they are more attractive. However, because they require you to cut a hole in your home, they are not good for apartments.

Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners are whole-house cooling systems because they use your existing ductwork to cool every room. This makes them the most effective cooling option possible, but they are significantly more expensive to install and run. Unlike the other options, however, central air conditioners are unseen, they don't take up space in your window, on your floor or on your wall. The two different types of central air conditioners are split-system and packaged. Split-systems have two units: one inside and one outside. A packaged system has everything located in one unit outside the house.

Who would benefit: If you live in a hot climate or you simply want the most effective cooling possible, central air is the right option. Choose split-system if you already have a furnace. Package systems usually include heating elements, making it a better option if you need a furnace and central air conditioner.

Stop sweating during the hot summer. There is a perfect air conditioner for you. Whether you want to cool one room or your entire home, you can beat the heat. If you're ready to start cooling your home, contact a technician in your area today.