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Air Conditioning System Maintenance: 4 Parts That Need Attention

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It is nearly impossible to survive hot weather without a system to cool your house. For this reason, you should keep your air conditioning appliance in perfect condition by scheduling regular professional maintenance. Failing to follow this simple rule can lead to a decline in your AC's efficiency and, in turn, cause your energy bills to hike. During maintenance checks, the HVAC contractor examines all the components and fixes any faults. This article looks at some of the key components requiring close attention.

1. The Filters

When the filters are dirty, your system will not blow enough cold air. Usually, clogged filters overwork the system, leading to high power bills. Besides, dirt from the filters could find its way to the evaporator coil when the machine is running. Dirt hinders the coil's ability to absorb heat.

During routine servicing, your technician will examine the filters. They may recommend a clean-up or a replacement, depending on the condition of the filters. Doing this will drastically reduce your escalating energy bills. Essentially, you should clean or change your filter every three months during the cold season. However, you might need to do it more often during summer since the appliance is used constantly.

2. The Coils

The air conditioner has two coils, namely the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. When the filters are clogged, some of the dirt is pushed to the coils causing it not to absorb enough heat. Since the coils are located deeper in the air conditioning system, they take longer to completely soil. Therefore, yearly maintenance is enough to keep them in great shape.

However, the maintenance needs may differ if the machine is installed outside in a dusty area. In this case, the coil fins will collect a lot of dirt. Therefore, you will need to clean areas around the coils more often.

3. The Thermostat

The thermostat plays a crucial role in regulating temperatures. It helps you control the indoor conditions when you need more or less cold air. When the thermostat gets damaged, you will experience temperature variations in the rooms. The thermostat can fail due to dirt build-up, a dead battery, or a tripped breaker. 

4. The Drain Pipes

Drain pipes are also prone to clogging, which might cause the entire system to lose its efficiency. Generally, a blocked drain causes your room to have too much moisture. Typically, blocked drains manifest in leaks around the AC. If left unchecked, the issue can lead to moisture accumulation, which will encourage mold growth. 

Taking care of your air conditioning unit is crucial to avoid frustrating breakdowns in the dead of summer. Therefore, schedule maintenance checks with a reputable HVAC contractor and repair damage as soon as it emerges.