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Having A New Air Conditioner Installed? Tips For Preparing Your House

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When you need to have your air conditioning unit replaced, you should consult with professionals like Hughes Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioner to make sure that you will be buying a unit that is the correct size for you home, as well as one that will be energy efficient. Since your last unit was installed there have been many advancements in how these units operate. Once you have decided on which unit you'll need and have set up an appointment for its installation, you need to take a bit of time before the technicians come to get things ready. Here are some of the things you need to do:

Clear the Area Inside and Out

You need to be sure the technician has access to the areas where he or she will be working. The area outside where the main unit and condenser will go should be free of any bushes or shrubs. It is also a good idea to have the old unit disconnected and removed prior to installing the new one. If you cannot do this, make sure the technician knows he or she will have to do this. It is also important to clear the area where the thermostat is so that the technician can get to all the vents and any internal parts of the system.

Make Arrangements for Uninterrupted Work

If you have animals or small children that may be curious and get in the way of the technician, you need to make arrangements to keep them out of the way. This could be putting a pet in a room that will not be involved in the installation and having someone there who can occupy any children in case the technician needs you for help. Do not schedule a time when you cannot be there though. It is important that you are available if the technician needs you.

Comfortable Work Area

You may need to bring an extra light to the area inside if you're woking in an attic or dark closet. Consider putting up a beach umbrella if the area outside where you're working is in direct sun.

The more prepared the area and you are for the installation, the quicker the job can be finished, making your home comfortable again. Walk around the areas where the work will be done and ask yourself how you would feel working there. If you would change something to make the job easier for yourself, do it for the technician.